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What is metal recycling and why is it so important?

Metal recycling is a process whereby materials that can no longer be used for their original purpose are collected and sent to a location where they can be transformed into something usable again. When you recycle your unwanted metals at Newco Metals, you put cash in your pocket while also doing your part to help our environment. Metal, in particular, can be recycled over and over again, making this type of recycling one of the most practical and common-sense solutions to preserving the earth’s finite resources. The world’s supply of metals is finite, and some are at risk of running out in the next several decades: this is why recycling is so important.

What are some benefits of metal recycling?

Most households and many businesses are not recycling metals as much as they could be because they don’t realize how many goods are actually recyclable! Visit our Residential or Industrial page to see what you might be missing. When you recycle you’ll be helping to:

•Lower the overall prices of goods
•Reduce unnecessary landfill waste
•Promote sustainability and reduce energy consumption
•Preserve natural resources for future generations
•Drastically reduce energy usage
•Cut carbon emissions – a ton of recycled aluminum can save nearly 8 TONS of emissions

One of the more personal benefits to recycling is that recycling your goods with Newco Metals pays and that’s never a bad thing!

What is sustainability and what does it have to do with recycling?

Sustainability defines our ability to maintain our current supply of resources and quality of life without infringing on the ability of future generations to do the same.

Newco Metals supports sustainability by processing millions of pounds of scrap metals every year; and we do it while maintaining the lowest emissions profile possible.  Tons of aluminum, copper, zinc and other important metals are wasted by consumers each and every month: if businesses and home owners alike recycle as much of these materials as possible, then practicing sustainability has a much better chance to succeed over the long term.

Where do the metals go after they get to Newco Metals and what happens to them?

We ship our recycled materials across the nation and around the world! Metal is sorted, bailed, and/or boxed at one of our Indiana facilities and then shipped off to mills where the metals are melted down and turned into new products.

Do you accept whole cars for recycling?

No, at this time we do not.  For a list of what we do accept, please visit our Residential page.

Do you pick up scrap metal from my house?

No, at this time we do not.  We only provide pickup service for commercial and industrial customers in Indiana, the Continental U.S, and Canada. However, we encourage household scrap customers to drop off all materials at our convenient locations during regular business hours, where the goods will be tested and weighed: and you will be paid on-the-spot.

Do you pick up scrap metal from businesses?

Yes.  Please see our Industrial page for more information.

still have questions?

If we haven’t answered your question here, please call us at 317.485.7721 or contact us through this site so that we can answer your questions and keep our FAQ page up-to-date!

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